Tripping At Our First Gig

No no no not tripping like you might be thinking... I am talking about physically tripping over equipment on the stage! Who would have thought being organized as a musician would be a necessity.  Don't get me wrong you can get away with being disorganized for awhile at least, but then it will catch up to you. After playing all over the place and tripping over stuff, not to mention breaking stuff we started to come up with a game plan! We needed a blueprint for our gigs not to mention that hazard type floor tape, but more on that later. Not only was this gonna help us not get hurt, but more importantly not bust another amp head! Yea seriously!

Your best bet is to look at all your equipment  and figure out what you really really need. If you didn't use it at your last 3 gigs then get rid of it. Create a pedal board so it saves space and cleans up cords that can get tripped on. Maybe something like this pedal board... hahah maybe not that crazy!

The next thing we did at places we played at often was ask if we could set their stages up with some hazard type tape. You know stuff you could see in the dark. Not only did it help us, but other bands that played there appreciated it too! The one cool thing was these floor tape dots which were really just sticky tape circles which you could  make designs with and just add to certain areas even steps... they just stood out better.

I hope that gives you some ideas when planning your next gig. I know it might not be rock starish, but heck you can't get to where you need to be if you are getting injured or breaking your stuff right? Till the next time.. I leave you with this... shred on!

Different Strokes For Different Folks

We know everyone is different so that is why we all have different tastes. Musical tastes is about all walks of life when it comes to music, art, and whatever creative bones you have in your body.

Stay tuned for more infomation as we get things going.

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